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GoDesi A2 Ghee is extracted from churning the curd of whole milk of Desi cows –Vedic Bilona Ghee

GoDesi Ghee making process

Source of energy– Ghee is a very good source of fat. It helps the babies to stay active throughout the day by providing them with enough calories and energy.

Moisturizer– Desi ghee works like a wonder for dry skin which is often seen in small babies. This dry skin causes the babies to get uncomfortable and irritated. Ghee helps in soothing their skin.

Helps in digestion– Ghee stimulates the secretion of digestive enzymes inside our body. These help in easy digestion of food.

Rich source of vitamins– Ghee is a super rich source of Vitamin A, D, E & K. These vitamins are good for eyes, skin, health and immunity.

Brain development- Ghee contains DHA as well which is essential for brain development. DHA, which is a structural fat, aids in the development function of brain and eyesight.

Helps in strengthening bones– Vitamin K in the Ghee helps in producing calcium in the body which is responsible for making the bones strong.

Good for lactose intolerant babies– Even if your baby is lactose intolerant or casein intolerant, you can give them desi cow ghee without any worry. Since ghee is made from makkhan / loni, it does not have the milk solids or other impurities in it which other dairy products generally have. Also, casein (protein) is present in a really small amount in the desi ghee.